Friday, 9 March 2012

Pinhole Photography + The Family Home as a Remnant

detail of the lace at this window was a rewarding after all the effort  to set up
Being in search of a new approach always stimulates the art-making process ! Looking objectively at my work I can see that the layering of technologies has become a large part of my printing. Still images taken from moving image -  then printing these images up in CYMB half tone separation. This is mainly what I have been testing.

Combining old technologies with the new is another step towards finding a fresh approach. I also reflect back to John Cage and the elements of 'chance'. The exposures are bracketed however the light varies so much it is difficult to gage when to stop. I enjoy this aspect as each time it is like opening a present  - you never know what you may photograph as the light bounces imagery around randomly.
Creating a darkroom and experimenting with Pinhole Photography is both rewarding and frustrating. 

The grand old family home of 40 years is about to be demolished. It appears as a formidable building, however you can see its vulnerability as 'things' have been removed. It is poignant and moving. It needed to be recorded. The perfect location for pinhole experimentation and a camera Obscura.
 My daughter Hannah and I spent five days solid, recording and documenting favourite places and memories then we blew a kiss, closed the front door and said goodbye. 

Pinhole camera set up in one of the rooms. Light was the big issue
as the days were too dull.

camera set up in room
the less the light travels the smaller the image

image taken out of the window was much more successful 

scenery and window detail
double exposures - moving the camera to a new position

the image below is taken from this room as a double exposure

camera in situ outside - double exposure image below

interior - a miniature image  2" x 2"

camera Obscura