Monday, 14 March 2011

Found Objects - The Remnant

deer skull
ram skull

Walking near my home in East Sussex often throws up lovely
 surprises. Skulls are a rarity, however I was lucky to find a deer
skull last weekend. I literally thought of it and there it was ! I
really DID get a surprise! The rams head was from a previous
'hunting' expedition. The nest and egg has triggered a point of
 departure from the figurative within my work to
 circles and spheres.
Circles within the forms and the circle of life.

Figurative Etching
experimental: adhesive tape,
soaking paper in brown inks
pins as objects within the image

Figurative Monoprint
experimental: spilling chemicals
over the plate
egg + nest


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Water Colours - Inspired by the Water Colour Exhibition at the Tate Britain

I have been to this exhibition twice as it is so extensive. The different colour rooms seemed to overwhelm in some cases, for example the green room ! I prefer the walls to be less over powering and allow the art works animate the space. Also the middle room displaying the painting palettes of artists such as Turner and Queen Victoria seemed misplaced somehow. It distracted from the continuity. I guess it is catering for a audience which is across the board and from this point of view I can understand why the curator incorporated it.
This exhibition covered early British water colour to it's  contemporary uses and exploration of the medium.
Anish Kapoor uses the medium in a very experimental approach. He mixes gouache with earth and creates an intense red and black void. This work was stunningly strong and sexual -  this work demands attention. It is interesting how Kapoor has pushed the boundaries in his use of watercolour allowing it to be more sculptural.
I was inspired enough to dig out my water colours and re-acquaint myself with a technique I always used in the past as a form of relaxation. Now I will use it to draw and plan my work.