Monday, 14 March 2011

Found Objects - The Remnant

deer skull
ram skull

Walking near my home in East Sussex often throws up lovely
 surprises. Skulls are a rarity, however I was lucky to find a deer
skull last weekend. I literally thought of it and there it was ! I
really DID get a surprise! The rams head was from a previous
'hunting' expedition. The nest and egg has triggered a point of
 departure from the figurative within my work to
 circles and spheres.
Circles within the forms and the circle of life.

Figurative Etching
experimental: adhesive tape,
soaking paper in brown inks
pins as objects within the image

Figurative Monoprint
experimental: spilling chemicals
over the plate
egg + nest


1 comment:

  1. The deer skull is amazing. Another found thing.

    The red background for both skulls is so richly evocative.

    Like your spheres and circles too :-)