Friday, 24 June 2011

Half -Tone Experimentation

Recently I have been preparing for a show in Sydney which has been driving my practice forward.This has been a good motivator and it is always great for me to have a deadline to work to. The works for the Sheffer Gallery  are etchings on Japanese paper and sculptural embossings.
 I plan to move away from etching for the time being -  the plan is to develop my screenprinting ability. I am already quite experienced in this area however I have now moved into the Half Tone technique which I have not really ever been engaged in visually - it has never appealed. The more I do it the more I can see it's potential for my work in the future. The broken imagery really appeals and I can see that breaking the rules within the bounds of screenprinting perfection will soon become apparent !
Just like every technique there are the quirky little details you need to know. Things you only find out by making mistakes - of which I have made many !  I will be searching for books on techniques and added info in the next few weeks . . . . . .
Image for the exhibition 'Protest'

detail of half tone print

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