Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Marks -Traces - Left Overs

traces + layers of history in the contemporary world
the beginning + end  of living

I notice marks all the time. It could be a road or a wall or in this case above a counter in a printers at Southwark. Layers of touch and wearing down of objects attracts me. I enjoy a little wabi sabi in my objects or things left behind. These marks could never be replicated as it is the passage of time which reveals these beautiful types of mark making to us. A form of printmaking perhaps.

I work with sheets of paper on my desk, jotting down things and ideas which come to mind spontaneously as I am working in my studio. The layers of ideas grow and as I move through them - some I use, others are there for later or maybe never to be realised.
Broken shells, dried structures of plants are, to me, like gold. They are enchanting and hold true magical possibilities.

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