Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pinhole Photography + Colour

although it is interesting it would need manipulating as
you can see part of the box. I would suggest using matt paint for the inside

Looking for the right box is part of the key to this type of photography I have discovered.
It takes patience and a lot of failure to get it right as you can see. You have very little control over a cardboard box and a tin ! However I am pleased with the results for a first attempt. 

camera needs to be pointing down to stop
the circle falling too low and off the page

ditto as above

image of the garden gate
remembering that everything is upside-down

playing with my shadow in the image

flower imagery - exposure 3200
I think this was the most successful image
I like the composition and contrasting colour and the way the
 image appears to float like a sphere
 I am going to photograph imagery on a digital screen to see what happens. I think I may lose a lot of the special qualities -  textures and colour that I am looking for.

 Like everything to do with art practice it leads to serendipity - the elements of chance kick in and this is, I feel, when the fun begins in earnest, when the magic happens for the art AND the artist.

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