Tuesday, 7 August 2012

' SCENT ' The Final Show

 For the past eight weeks I have been screen-printing in a Pop-Up Studio in the countryside of East Sussex. Whilst this has been a very exciting time it hasn't come without the occasional hitch ! Not to mention the horse and very strong animal smells which drift around! Although the clip clop of horses walking past the door made up for it I have to say.

Finding the studio is of course the first dilemma. I got very lucky as I searched  for the right specifications. 

For example : 

the right size room - the work I have done is 30 meters long

water available - a necessity when printing and you need a strong water pressure

 relaxed landlord - the last thing you need is someone who is hanging over you, being demanding 

that includes being able to make a mess with ink !

being able to drive to the door was an important feature -  the 47" x 49" screens are cumbersome and heavy

 Buying all my own inks, squeegees,bases,screens and many sundries. So it was a very expensive exercise as well.

However, if I weigh up all the negative sides to this project and then look at the work today, how I feel as an artist etc. completing such a challenging task, I feel very pleased with the overall result. It has been a very rewarding experience and I've met many very interesting people along the way. Ranging from the other people working in the units on the property to sourcing suppliers at Ad Colour to Artizan in Brighton where I have been exposing my screens -  ( I saw Bridgette Riley's work being editioned )

This latest work 'SCENT'  will be shown at the PRIVATE VIEW 


 CAMBERWELL COLLEGE,  on the 5th of September, 2012
and for the following week except Sunday.

Please come along if you are free

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