Sunday, 15 March 2015

Art Practice - Its about SHOWING UP

Being disciplined to 'show up' is the best part of making art to me. It is so easy to be distracted and not go into the studio, especially in a wonderful city like London. There is always something fun to go to other than get deep into the making of art. When the sun shines in London you really want to be out in it. 

I am currently going in as much as possible and it feels so much better. The work and thought process begin to flow. The ideas come at you more frequently and one thing has a tendency to lead to another.
A friend in New York calls it 'noodling' - a perfect description of what I do. Picking up books, having a quiet moment before even looking at anything, meditating, having a cup of tea are all leading somewhere as soon as the door to my studio is shut. Its all a part of that special time to enjoy your patch, allowing your brain to travel down a different path from 'normal' thought processes and everyday hum drum.

I recently looked at my Collection of Found Objects. There are some objects that I felt had served their purpose so I gave them a final perusal and sent them on their way to Op Shops. Having recently visited the Barbican and  the show Magnificent Obssessions
It is a huge show with thousands of objects ranging from postcards to cheap china dogs, stuffed animals
to beautiful silk scarves. This made me re- quantify my own 'collecting'. I felt so much more real as a collector having seen this show. Mainly because I DO use all my objects in various ways. Now that I have sorted through them I know the ones I have kept, have a way to go on their journey with me and my Art Practice.

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