Monday, 30 January 2012

The Last Flight of the Space Shuttle

This new series of prints are the result of seeing visuals that were so exquisite I could not stop myself from taking photographs. Anyone who enjoys taking photos will know what I mean. 

Technically I am enjoying the process of half tone screen printing however you have to be very conscious the whole time. This is because there are a lot of issues to consider. Registration being one of them. Keeping all the bolts tight and clips straight. Consistency of the ink - if it is too liquid it will drop straight throughout the screen, too thick and it won't print or may dry out into the screen. Choosing the correct mesh number for the screen is also important. The screen has to work with the DPI so it actually prints.

I am attempting to break down the image, allowing layering and texture to spontaneously happen. I still reflect on John Cage and the element of 'chance', as I am working. 

Documenting visually the space shuttles last flight  is an exciting image to work on, because it is contemporary and happening now, in our lifetime. It is a huge part of a very powerful era for mankind and his exploration of space. Now the Shuttle will become a thing left behind, an object within museums of NASA.

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