Monday, 23 January 2012

Retrieval Rememberance Remnants

the crypt in the cathedral 

left over posters - Berlin

During the last few weeks I have been travelling and documenting 'things left behind'. I Travelled  to Los Angeles over Xmas and New Year then home for a quick stop and off again to Berlin.
The galleries and alternative apaces were very interesting and engaging. I will talk further about these exhibitions in my next blog. This entry is more concerned with all the objects I captured over these two journeys and more.

L.A. trousers

London - paper cut outs

L.A. University

L.A. - Boxing day at Venice Beach

L.A. - paper on the beach

L.A. - shoes

London - light and street markings

Berlin - message taped to street pole

Wales - rust on a discarded beach tractor

a rose I pressed

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