Saturday, 25 February 2012

All That Is Left

 a family home is closed down and it sits in waiting for demolition
I had access to this property recently and this photo reminds me of a stage
the curtains are closed for the last time and the show is over


the layers of history - odd curtains and mismatched fixtures
add to the nostalgic mood

the white void on the right adds peace to the mood
of chaotic colours and patterns

light falling amongst the last remnants of the
family adds solemnity to the rooms

keys are scattered and left around the house
they are superfluous now

when a building is vacated, the last objects hold small hints -
they appear coded and contain no beginning or end

open and closed spaces seemingly invite you in and shut you out
- holding onto secrets

wallpapers in cupboards provide the timeline

the passageway echoes and sounds hollow

missing fittings are a reminder of the vacancy

a lone mirror seemingly floats within a floral sea
like a portal

shafts of light dance around like ghosts 

embossed wallpapers hold memories of former comforts

a sturdy staircase feels like the skeletal backbone of the
abandoned building

a chair waits expectantly

the empty box echoes the missing furniture mapped out by
the square of odd wallpaper

symbolic and solitary

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