Sunday, 12 February 2012

Setting Up a Workable Studio Space

I found it took a long time to sort out what is needed for a workable space for Printmaking. Not only does it need to be relatively dust free, it is important to have everything to hand and spaces have to flow. If this is not the case it becomes frustrating and inefficient. It took me a few times, moving things around and laying everything out to find what works for me. I have set up shelves in the middle of my working space to enable everything to be at arms length.

Basic list for print studio :

Dry  - cutting paper area

Hotplate - A food warmer

Plate wiping area/sheet glass

Shelves for inks,tools and sundries

Sink/Wet area for rinsing

Print storage and blotters

Plan chest for dry prints

Large table surfaces

Desk for writing, thinking, drawing

shelves for general storage

heater for drying plates

refreshments area

relaxing area - sofa

writing and setting out a plan numerous times helped me get it
together without actually moving everything initially

Studios are an investment. They are a special space for the artist to retreat to and be creative, think, relax and dream. I will never be without a space in which to do this. It doesn't matter how big or small the space is. It can just be a table at home and rent a studio space within other printmaking groups, for example, Inkspot in Brighton. It is simply what ever suits your needs at that particular point in time. Nothing beats the feeling when the door closes and you shut the world out for a day of ' work.'

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