Monday, 27 February 2012

Half Tone Screenprints - The Last Flight of the Space Shuttle

Continued experimentation with half tone prints ::
I am happy with my registration and choosing to slow down
during the process of production was a good thing.
This is an edition of 25 and the size is 01.

I used chalk to obtain some interesting breaks throught the surface of the ink
in the top one. Over all I am pleased however I have decided that the ink is too plastic
and the surface too glossy.

I will be using a different ink in my final image in this narrative.
I want the ink to sink into the paper and become a part of the surface.

After the last image in this series which I wil be working on this week, I will be changing my focus.
The subject matter will be changing in readiness for the up and coming show at
Camberwell in August and I am searching for a new fresh approach to my printing.

I will be thinking about :
Subject Matter
Printing technique

The continuity will lay within the fundamental thread which has run throughout my work so far:

'Things Left Behind'

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