Sunday, 15 July 2012

Adriena Simotova

 Adriena Simotova was born in Prague in 1926. She works with carbon paper, drawing, sculpting, cutting and printing. I discovered her work on a trip to Prague a few years ago and have been interested and influenced by her work ever since.
I think the textures, layers and presentation she uses are what engages me most. More than her subject matter, which is the human body. The way she seemingly climbs inside the work and digs away while she intersects with the surface and beyond allows a lot to be seen and much to be hidden too. She both reveals and covers all at once.
this fragmentation of a work here resonates strongly with my
thoughts and feelings around things left, memory and loss

the approach to presentation, allowing the work to be relaxed onto the floor gives the work a casual unfinished presence.

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