Sunday, 15 July 2012

Working the Wire + The Golden Thread

Printing on wire has proved quite difficult, however I am one for a challenge. There are small glitches that happen from time to time - I consider them things to move my work on. These so called happy accidents, if taken in a positive light, help break down the work and take it to another place. I wait for them to happen nowadays. It makes art even more playful and fun.
 Things start clicking into place and in a controlled way, by this I mean, if you know what should be happening, it feels like someone else has the controls and that can lead to some interesting places. It is something I expect within my art process and I am somehow reliant on it.

detail from a screen before rinsing

hooks installed to help with the weight of the screen

latest addition, a drying box for all five screens
this makes a huge difference when working fast
the whole process is a lot easier

half way through a image

five colours 

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