Monday, 2 July 2012

Films - Remnants + Transcription

A few years ago I found my own family Super 8 films in a dusty old box. I had them copied and have since made several works from them. I mainly played with time intervention, slowing and repeating scenes.

Now I am looking towards taking stills from these same films and creating a narrative, a short story.
To enable me to do this I need to go through the film over and over to really 'see' things differently. A kind of dis association and distancing so it becomes less attached to me personally. 
Some of the imagery is very strange and totally alien to most people today - especially in England. I always claimed I would bring a little of Australia to Camberwell College !

The stills can be very degraded which is perfect for my process after all this is what I am always trying to achieve on the matrix of the paper. 
Using these images onto wire will break them down even more and pixelation happens automatically - a kind of John Cage/Sally Mann serendipitous effect.
Below are some stills taken from these films. The selection process has been very interesting. I went from trying to create a REAL sense of Australia to removing that thought and making choices with some kind of narrative.
These below are not what i am using however they represent what I am talking about re subject matter and degradation.

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