Sunday, 15 July 2012

Exhibition Space

Once a definitive decision is made about what exactly you are making for an exhibition the rest is easy - isn't it ?
There are many things to consider when making these final decisions. 
Where to exhibit? Where to exhibit within the room? How to exhibit? Frame or not to frame? What will I need to enable me to install the work? Who will help with the installing process? and the list goes on . . . plus health and safety are also to be considered at all times of course !

space at Camberwell

 I was lucky enough with my Final Show at Camberwell to get the area I selected when I submitted my proposal. The space is light and has a sense of airiness about it. You cannot always have it your way tho - the basin on the left is an eyesore, however what happens when your work is in place ? -  these things disappear, especially if you don't pay them any attention and get on with the job of showing your work to the best of your ability.

I may have to mark out an area to keep the audience away from the work as it is very fragile

I have noted the area quite well however I am going back for a third time with Richard,

 - an experienced artist who is going to help install my work. Together we will discuss options and details
equipment needed etc. This is best done well in advance to enable a relaxed, successful and most of all enjoyable installation.

the considerations are : will I hang my work or will I leave it on the floor ?
These decisions will be made on the day when I can see the work in situ.

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