Monday, 2 July 2012

Pop- Up Studio and the setting up process

The time has come to make my final work for the M.A. show at Camberwell College, 5th of September, 6-9pm.
The work I have decided to make is far too fragile to be laying round college and besides I need a lot of room.

 Working alone has always worked well especially when there is a deadline. I find focus very important when I am dealing with measuring etc.  -  figuring stuff out ! 

With the Olympics coming travelling will be difficult so I am investigating finding another place to expose screens, outside of London.

All up it made sense to get a temporary space locally to where I live which is both affordable and has space, running water etc.
The search went on for weeks. However with a lot of viewing and badgering agents, I got the PERFECT location 7 minutes form home.

This perfect space is is 30ft by 12ft and is an old stable, so the odd horse walks by most days! I find this both amusing and enjoyable. Everyone on this property are very busy making and doing which is so comfortable as an environment and makes you want to work hard. On one side of my room is a elderly lady, Carol Mann, who paints and the other side an upholsterer, Derek, who wants me to do silk screening for palaces ( something to consider later ! )
plan for building the printing bed

sundries and inks 

setting up

a tough setting for a studio

carpet rolls for winding on my wire

the drive is 7 minutes from home

this work requires accuracy ++

front of studio with horses as an optional extra

I have put together a comfortable space so far and working like a trojan! I am keeping it minimal as I am not there for long. 
Buying in all the sundries is not cheap, however I now can do both Etching and Screen-printing which leaves the options open. Ad - Colour have been very helpful and engaged. If I need any advice they are only too happy to help out.

the set-up all inclusive with Ozzy dog !
primitive but effective blasting area

I use a garden spray to blast my screens and three heaters to dry them and the work.

It was important to clear all of this with the owner. For example the inks needed to be environmentally friendly.
Laying down a plan to work to is imperative as I have little time left for error now. So far so good.

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