Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sarah Sze - Sculptor Using Objects

Sarah Sze sculpts with everyday objects. I went recently to see her work at the Victoria Miro and I was struck by the intricacy of the sculptures, in some cases they feel like experiments left unfinished. In another way they are incredibly playful and fun, almost child like except you know they are perfectly arranged in very way. Threads and rulers arking at just the right length, everything placed just so. Often Sze's work burrows into the walls or uses reflection and shadow to focus the work and the viewer down to one point.
These installations are entertaining, intriguing, ephemeral and busy often referencing instruments of measure and mapping. Many different materials are used to create these small worlds or what at times feel like experiments - testing out 'something'. They climb the gallery walls and include objects such as light bulbs, plastic bottles, ladders, bottle tops, paper, fans etc. Some of the work is kinetic and blows or moves like a swinging plum line which JUST misses everything as it passes around the circular formation of objects.

For me these installations felt intricate, temporary, fun and inclusive. Anyone could relate to them, for many of the objects we use in our daily life. The more you look into them the more they play with ideas such as orientation and disorientation - familiar and unfamiliar. This is perhaps because the objects are taken out of their normal context. 

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